Advance Excel Certification Training

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Advance Excel Certification Training
Looking To Finally Be An Advanced Excel User?
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What will I learn?
  • 3 weeks Intensive Training
  • Spreedsheet Impact
  • MIS Report , Chart Reports and Dash Board Report
  • Excel Interactivity
  • 21 hours of educator driven Training
  • Data Management , Data Analysis, Data Validation
  • Learn Everything From Basic To Advance
Who's this course for?
For All Beginners
For Those Who Wants Excel Skills To Next Level

Do you have an intermediate understanding of Excel but are keen to break through to true mastery? Want to finally use the programme with ease and confidence at work and become known as an expert user? Take your Excel skills to the next level with our Advanced Excel course. You’ll soon be crunching data, using advanced formulas, creating impressive graphs and charts like a pro, plus much more.

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Basic Excel

Basic Excel

Excel is an excellent application to perform simple and complex calculations. The software is widely known and other spreadsheet software suites available for use recognize the Excel extension and are compatible with the files. We should learn excel as without knowledge of this application it’s near to impossible to work anywhere.

  • Excel Introduction
  • The Excel Interface
  • Basic Navigation and Editing
  • Getting going
  • Editing
  • Viewing
  • Spreadsheet Structure
  • Cell References
  • Named Ranges
  • Formatting Cells
  • Protecting and Sharing
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Working with Dates & Times
  • Working with Numbers, text etc.
  • Basic Functions and formulas

Advanced Excel

Lookup Formulas – Extracting data based on a common field in 2 tables

  •  Lookup
  •  Index
  •  Match
  •  How to use all these by mixing

Array – Advance formula get the output based multiple criteria’s.

What IF Analysis – Logical Formula to analyse data

Database Functions – extracting data based on database format.

Concatenation –Merging multiple cell text

Functions (Simple and Complex)

Pivot (Table and Chart)




Advanced Range Define

Conditional Formatting – Formatting cells based on given criteria

Data Validation

Module 1 : Introduction to Efficiency, Templates, Data Validations

Efficiency and Risk

  • Make spreadsheets more efficient and less risky 
  • How to build in checks and controls from the outset 
  • Key techniques that reduce risk and increase automation and efficiency 
  • Introduce standards to help your team 
  • Documentation and review tools


  • Get a head start with templates
  • Set up an Excel template that will save you an hour each time you create a new workbook
  • Create new default workbook and worksheet templates
  • Learn how modular templates can make your spreadsheets more consistent and much quicker to set up
  • Your Excel, your way: customise the Excel interface to put the tools that you need at your fingertips

Data Validation

  • Extended uses of Data Validation
  • Working with validation formulae
  • Lists and lists that depend on other list selections 
  • Other methods of tracking down invalid entries       

Module 2 : Introduction to Formulas , Problem Solving , What If

Functions and Super Powers

  • Functions with super powers
  • Finding the right functions and how they work
  • Functions with hidden powers – MOD() for patterns, OFFSET() for simple choices, INDIRECT() to manipulate formulae
  • Making references to ranges of cells adapt automatically for new data

Array Formulae

  • Array formulae
  • One formula, one million calculations 
  • SUMPRODUCT() – all the gain of an array formula with less of the pain


  • Tables – structure comes to Excel
  • Why Tables are so much more than just a new format 
  • Make your spreadsheets more automatic with a single command 
  • Table formulae – instant readability 
  • Data tools in Tables 
  • It’s not all good

Advanced Range Names

  • Advanced Range Names 
  • Use the same name on different sheets
  • Using the Name Manager 
  • Names in formulae – efficient inclusion of Names, the use of intersections

What If?

  • Using Excel to help you make decisions 
  • Use Goal Seek to find where you need to start to get where you need to go 
  • Use an Excel Data Table to calculate dozens of possible outcomes 
  • Create and manage alternative scenarios 
  • Make more profit or incur less expense by using Excel Solver to identify the best solution

Problem Solving

  • Problem solving
  • Calculations that make decisions – understanding TRUE ad FALSE 
  • What Boolean Logic is and why it’s useful in practice 
  • combining logic and arrays to solve complex problems 
  • Practical examples

Module 3 : Form Controls & Visual Basics

Form Controls

  • Use Form controls to make life easier for users 
  • Use a Spin Button to choose a value easily 
  • Use an Option Button to choose with a single click 
  • Choosing from lists

Visual Basic and Macros

  • Create macros by writing Visual Basic code 
  • A macro that performs one or more actions on selected cells 
  • Write your own Excel functions with VB code
  • Understanding volatile functions
  • Trigger a macro when a particular cell is changed 
  • Handling errors elegantly

Module 4: Charts, Conditional Formatting, Sparks and Graphic Techniques

Practical Interactivity with VBA

  • Exchanging information with VB code
  • Displaying a Message box 
  • Asking for user input using an Input box 
  • Create an Excel form with a List box containing values from a range of cells 
  • Sample VB projects: an automatic index to sheets, printing selected ranges 
  • Avoiding macros when they’re not really necessary

Conditional Formatting

  • Conditional Formatting – beyond simple Conditional Formats 
  • Basing conditions on a formula and deciding whether a batsman is out or not 
  • Choose currency symbols for a whole sheet by changing a single cell 
  • Getting your rules in the right order and knowing when to stop 
  • Graphical Conditional Formats – the detailed options 
  • Using invisibility to your advantage

Charts that Inspire

  • Create charts to inspire
  • What makes a good chart – is it really a 6.5 cucumbers? 
  • Simple steps to make your charts clearer 
  • Why small can be better than large 
  • Are pie charts evil? 
  • Why 3D charts can be 50% worse 
  • Mixed chart types, trendlines and projections 
  • Advanced chart techniques: break-even lines and waterfall charts
  • Pictures in chart columns


  • In-cell charts – showing 12 times as much information in the same amount of space 
  • Careful with that Axis 
  • The different types of Sparkline: lines, columns and win loss 
  • Sparklines based on a dynamic data range

Graphics Tricks and Techniques

  • Further graphics tips and techniques
  • Taking dynamic pictures with the Excel camera 
  • Use the Excel camera to combine areas from multiple sheets on the same sheet of paper 
  • Formatting Excel Camera pictures 
  • Power View – using the Excel 2013 data visualisation add-in including plotting values on maps and ‘playing’ bubble charts

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